Tribe of Spice
Gain a valuable experience by taking a part in the lavish atmosphere of Tribe Party. Spice Beach Club invites you to experience an exclusive, limited capacity, a private party that will make your night will be your treasure forever. You’ve never been to such a unique and different kind of party. "Fancy yourself in Native Indian Style" We will bring back the tribal version in the combination of Tribal & Native Dancer, food, and drinks, and beach club. Mark your calendar : Date: Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 Time: Start 7 pm Make a reservation on Please Call/Whatsapp: +62(0)85100012666 and E-mail:
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Father's Day
FATHER’S DAY CELEBRATION J U N E means it’s time to celebrate the day for the Hero of the family. Father’s Day is quickly approaching. We are creating a very special party called To Dad with Love at Spice Beach Club Bali. And we are inviting you to join the heroes day, express to him that we LOVE him! Mark Your Calendar: Date: Sunday, June 17th, 2018 Show your Dad what he means for you! Give something different and have him smile and laugh louder! Yeah, Moms were made in heaven, but Dads were made in the real world. Get 20% OFF for the drinks and It’s time to spoil your dad with the best way and lots of love. ☺️
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Mother's Day
CELEBRATION OF MOTHER’S DAY – All Love Begin and Ends is by Mom Create a sweet escape with your Mom, Treat Mom’s like a queen and spoil her like a princess on this upcoming Mother’s Day Celebrate a day for a true angel from The God fulfill with happiness in a culinary journey and a magnificent entertainment in one of the most renowned beach club in North Bali! Mark your calendar: Sunday, May 13th, 2018 Get 20% OFF and It’s time to spoil her with the best way and lots of love to all dear Mothers. Please Call/Whatsapp : +62(0)85100012666 and Emal :
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Spice Beach Club and Alcovina wine & spirits Look forward to welcoming you to another themed party and this time is *Pajama’s Party* Join us for a night of uplifting weekend & our premium cocktails And Get free “Nail Polish” treatment from Ami Homespa and special discount for the next treatments. Mark your calendar: Date : Saturday, May 12nd 2018 Time : Start at 7 pm Come in your favorite Pajama and dance the night away to the cool tunes of the entertainment! **The Best “Sleepwear” could win prizes from Alcovina wine & spirits Please Call/Whatsapp : +62(0)85100012666 and Emal :
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LIVE "DOUBLE D" BAND ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Embark on a well-being dinner overlooking to the glittering Bali Sea, Spice Beach Club happily invites you to enjoy your evening with your loved accompanied by live performance from Double D Band. Meet Double D Band and indulge your dining in a rare opportunity for a true sense of Saturday & Sunday. Be enchanted in the beauty of the ocean breeze and a splendor of Saturday and Sunday night "DOUBLE D" BAND will perform on: • Saturday on 07.30 pm – 10.30 pm • Sunday 0n 07.30 pm – 10.30 pm Please Call/Whatsapp : +62(0)85100012666 and Emal :
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Easter Family Day
Easter Day is a time of joy, when we can smile, and laugh. Celebrate Easter Sunday at Spice Beach Club with your family. The celebration of Easter Family Day will be starting from midday and we offers you with a special Easter menu designed by our talented chef. Mark your calendar: Date : Sunday, 1th April 2018 Time : 12 pm - 5 pm The rest of day will consist of: - Live entertainment - Kids Activities - Sunset Cocktails and, - Loads of Chocolate. Please Call/Whatsapp: +62(0)85100012666 and E-mail:
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Belly Dance Night
Spice Beach Club Proudly present A Belly Dance Night Show & Lesson on Wednesday & Thursday to accompany your dinner! It will be starting from 21 & 22 February 2018. Belly dance or oriental dancing is an Arab expressive dance which originated in Egypt and that emphasizes complex movements of the torso. It has evolved to take many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style. Enjoy a delight dinner enlivened by Belly dance only at Spice Beach Club. Please Call/Whatsapp: +62(0)85100012666 and E-mail:
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Balinese New Year
A GLORIOUS NYEPI ESCAPE Gain a valuable experience by taking part in the magnificent celebration of Balinese New Years Caka 1940 sponsored By Tropis Living, Palm Living, Alcovina, and Spice Beach Club. The New Year's will be greeted with an indigenous culture and spectacular "Ogoh-Ogoh Parade" the Parade will start from Kaliasem Asa and will be ending in Spice Beach Club. Experience a grandeur parade with a perfect performance of Balinese Dance, Ende Dance, and Barong Bangkung Dance. The special event will be held by 250 people The parade of Ogoh- Ogoh will accompany by live Balinese gamelan orchestra which calls Beleganjur. Mark your calendar: Date: Friday, 16th March 2018 Time: 5.00 pm Please Call/Whatsapp: +62(0)85100012666 E-mail:
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Celebrate the magic miracle of The Chinese New Year and share the joys of the season with your loved ones. Spoil your family with an elegant dinner with the warmth nuances accompanied by waves crashing in a few steps away from the ocean. It’s time to welcome the Chinese New Year 2018 with a smile and grateful. Let the fortune and happiness continue on. Mark Your Calendar: Date: Friday, February 16, 2018 Time: 06.00pm Indulge your dinner with 40% OFF for all the menus and Pizza! Kindly to reserve: Call/Whatsapp: +62(0)85100012666 E-mail:
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Lost in Paradise
We proudly present The 5th Anniversary of Spice Beach Club! The exclusive “LOST IN PARADISE” combined with the celebration of Valentine Day. Indulge your best partner by savoring on a culinary journey and a magnificent entertainment in one of the most renowned beach club in North Bali! Mark your calendar: Date: February, 14th Wednesday 2018 Time: 7pm – Late Kindly to reserve: Call/Whatsapp: +62(0)85100012666 E-mail:
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