Balinese New Year
A GLORIOUS NYEPI ESCAPE Gain a valuable experience by taking part in the magnificent celebration of Balinese New Years Caka 1940 sponsored By Tropis Living, Palm Living, Alcovina, and Spice Beach Club. The New Year's will be greeted with an indigenous culture and spectacular "Ogoh-Ogoh Parade" the Parade will start from Kaliasem Asa and will be ending in Spice Beach Club. Experience a grandeur parade with a perfect performance of Balinese Dance, Ende Dance, and Barong Bangkung Dance. The special event will be held by 250 people The parade of Ogoh- Ogoh will accompany by live Balinese gamelan orchestra which calls Beleganjur. Mark your calendar: Date: Friday, 16th March 2018 Time: 5.00 pm Please Call/Whatsapp: +62(0)85100012666 E-mail:
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Celebrate the magic miracle of The Chinese New Year and share the joys of the season with your loved ones. Spoil your family with an elegant dinner with the warmth nuances accompanied by waves crashing in a few steps away from the ocean. It’s time to welcome the Chinese New Year 2018 with a smile and grateful. Let the fortune and happiness continue on. Mark Your Calendar: Date: Friday, February 16, 2018 Time: 06.00pm Indulge your dinner with 40% OFF for all the menus and Pizza! Kindly to reserve: Call/Whatsapp: +62(0)85100012666 E-mail:
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Lost in Paradise
We proudly present The 5th Anniversary of Spice Beach Club! The exclusive “LOST IN PARADISE” combined with the celebration of Valentine Day. Indulge your best partner by savoring on a culinary journey and a magnificent entertainment in one of the most renowned beach club in North Bali! Mark your calendar: Date: February, 14th Wednesday 2018 Time: 7pm – Late Kindly to reserve: Call/Whatsapp: +62(0)85100012666 E-mail:
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Mark your calendar for the most highlight event of the year! Spice Beach Club will be a wonderful place for closing and welcoming the New Year 2018! The biggest event is "WALK IN EGYPT NEW YEARS EVE" Spectacular Main Show "CLEOPATRA" What a fantastic theme! BBQ, Drinks, and Entertainment are waiting you! The event will be held on 31st December 2017 Dress code: White, Gold Its start from 07.00 PM - Late. So what are you waiting for? Book your table SOON!! . Kindly to reserve: Please Call/Whatsapp: +62(0)85100012666 Or E-mail:
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Weekly Event
Come and enjoy our spectacular weekly events! Regular Live Music Colour sunset party Balinese dance night Live DJ performance Sunset DJ Performance Find a sense of peace by a fabulous view of the calm waves - Lovina Beach under a clear blue sky!❤ Don't miss it, only at Spice Beach Club! Kindly to reserve: Call/Whatsapp: +62(0)85100012666 E-mail:
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Christmas Wonderland
Celebrate Christmas with spectacular party! Christmas Wonderland at Spice Beach Club is waiting for you!! The first snow in north Bali with special show everyday. The party will be celebrated dinner show everyday. Everyday with special show starts from 24-30 December 2017. Food, drinks, and entertainment will be toned up your day! Let's be exciting to spend every single day with us. Its start from 07.00 PM - Late. So what are you waiting for? Book/Reserve your table Now!! . Kindly to reserve: Please Call/Whatsapp: +62(0)85100012666 Or E-mail:
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Hunting Prince Dracula
Halloween night is waiting! October 31st 2017 our newest event at Spice Beach Club " Hunting Prince Dracula " Prepare yourself for joining our new event! . our Beach Club also Invite DJ, Live Music, Cabaret, Masquerade Ball . Don't forget to wear Creepy costume!
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Due Indonesian independent day, We are going to present Kecak Dance, all Indonesian Dance, and Live music Start From 05 PM - Late
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Join us for Full Moon Patty at Spice Beach Club. We are going to present Women Gamelan Live Performance, Kecak Dance, Teruna Jaya Dance and Live Music. Start from 5 pm-late Kindly to reserve: Please Call: +62(0)85100012666 Or E-mail:
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Glow Party
Be sure to visit our Glow Party and through the night with a special glow in the dark, Percussion dance beach party, Fire dance, Live DJ, Fluo dance, Body Paint Mark your date September 2nd, 2017 Start from 7pm - Late Kindly to reserve: Please Call: +62(0)85100012666 Or E-mail:
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